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Posted: 5/20/2019

From Bill Boniface:

As most of you know, I’ve been working with the USNA Parachute team as their Alumni Rep and Team Support Coordinator since 2013. We’ve finally achieved a significant breakthrough by the Base CO and Public Works Officer giving us 3,500 square feet in the recently-vacated Print Shop behind Halligan Hall to make into a functioning parachute loft.

It’s a near-perfect space, with spaces for two offices, two classrooms, a huge main assembly and packing area, a training room for formation skydiving drills, and an emergency procedures drill/training room. So, it’s not only a place to properly store and maintain vital parachute equipment but a place where the 30 (next year 40) midshipman team members will receive instruction, training and practice every day of the week.

The positive impact on midshipman safety is obvious.

The loft is currently just a big empty building, but with your help it will be turned into a world-class working loft this summer. If you can see your way to helping with this effort through the link below to the USNA Foundation’s Give Campus appeal, you’ll be contributing to midshipman safety in a major way.

No gift is too small and will be appreciated. Thank you!

Parachute Team Fundraiser

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