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Virtual Army Navy Week 2020

Posted: 12/2/2020

Typically, we would be looking forward to our Beat Army Watch Party hosted by Bill Boniface and Matt Chabal at this point. Like so many curveballs thrown at us this year, that is not possible. You can still share in the pregame festivities virtually through a series of events the Alumni Association is providing. Beating Army will be even sweeter this year since the virus is attempting to level the playing field by giving Army home field advantage.

Please everyone have a healthy holiday season. We hope to see you soon in 2021.


ND and Army-Navy Watch Parties

Posted: 1/7/2020


The Chapter had a great time at the Naval Academy Parents Club of Central PA (NAPC) in York, PA at the Navy Notre Dame game watch party on November 16 at the Avenue Ale House. The Parents Club did a fantastic job organizing the event. The Class of ’84 was the most represented with Toni Chase Kasprzak and Kathi Frost and her husband John cheering Navy on



The Chapter’s 9th Annual Army-Navy Game Watch Party, hosted again this year by Bill Boniface ’72 and Matt Chabal ’77, drew the largest crowd in the party series, with 40 alumni, family members, USNA parents and guests joining in on the fun.  The Lancaster Brewing Company in Harrisburg did their normal splendid layout of food and a variety of their own brews as the game got off to a slow start on the way to an ultimate Navy victory.

Alumni on hand for this year’s “Comeback” party included George Connolly ’56 and wife Bev; Griff Hamilton ’59; Bill Dornsife ’66; Jim Nolan ’70 and wife Barbara; Bill Boniface ’72 and wife Susan; Dean Glick ’72; Dave Willmann ’73 and wife Trish; Matt Chabal ’77 and wife Beulah; Dirk Barry ’78 and wife Karen; Dave Kern ’80 and son Michael; Scott Sutherland ’81 and wife Kim; Kathi Frost ’84 and husband John; Sandy MacMurthrie ’87 with daughter Danielle; Brian Montgomery ’89 and wife Carrie; Rich Olszewski ’96 and wife Patti and kids Will, Cecelia and Louise; Tony Yanero ’96 and daughter Anna; Javaris Turner ’02; and other guests and Parents Club members







We look forward to celebrating the 10th in the series of watch parties at the Lancaster Brewing Company in 2020 as Navy continues its comeback against traditional rival Army.



Posted: 10/28/2019

For details, please see the Event Calendar


Notre Dame Watch Party in York

Posted: 10/21/2019

Please see the Event Calendar for details!

Go Navy!

Support Opportunity

Posted: 5/20/2019

From Bill Boniface:

As most of you know, I’ve been working with the USNA Parachute team as their Alumni Rep and Team Support Coordinator since 2013. We’ve finally achieved a significant breakthrough by the Base CO and Public Works Officer giving us 3,500 square feet in the recently-vacated Print Shop behind Halligan Hall to make into a functioning parachute loft.

It’s a near-perfect space, with spaces for two offices, two classrooms, a huge main assembly and packing area, a training room for formation skydiving drills, and an emergency procedures drill/training room. So, it’s not only a place to properly store and maintain vital parachute equipment but a place where the 30 (next year 40) midshipman team members will receive instruction, training and practice every day of the week.

The positive impact on midshipman safety is obvious.

The loft is currently just a big empty building, but with your help it will be turned into a world-class working loft this summer. If you can see your way to helping with this effort through the link below to the USNA Foundation’s Give Campus appeal, you’ll be contributing to midshipman safety in a major way.

No gift is too small and will be appreciated. Thank you!

Parachute Team Fundraiser

Dark Ages Event

Posted: 3/28/2019

We had a great time at the Naval Academy Parents Club of Central PA (NAPC) at the Ever Grain Brewing Company in Camp Hill, PA on 24 February 2019.  A big thank you to the Club and events chair Toni Chase ’84 for organizing a wonderful event.  Elizabeth Beedenbender and Craig Washington from the Naval Academy Foundation drove up from Annapolis to fill us in on the latest happenings on the Yard.

Dark Ages Social Event – 24 February in Camp Hill, PA

Posted: 1/31/2019

From Evan Forrester, President, Naval Academy Parents Club of Central PA

The Susquehanna Valley Chapter of he USNA Alumni Association is invited to join the Naval Academy Parents Club of Central PA for our 2019 “Dark Ages” social. We are looking forward to some time together at Ever Grain Brewing Company in Camp Hill PA, 3:00PM to 7:00PM, 24 FEBRUARY 2019.

It will be an evening of food and fun. This will be a wonderful time for both of our club memberships to get to know each other and spend time socializing and telling stories! There is no cost to attend this event other than the food and drinks you purchase for yourselves. We are also pleased to have friends from the Alumni Association at the Naval Academy joining us from Annapolis to update the latest ‘happenings’ on the yard, and to update the “Called to Serve, Daring to Lead” campaign that is currently underway. We hope to see everyone there! GO NAVY!


With the weather this week, the Dark Ages are solidly here! Shake off those winter blues and hope to see you there!

Additional information is available on our Facebook page:

Not happy with the result, but great time had by all

Posted: 12/18/2018

The chapter’s 8th Annual Army-Navy Game Viewing Party was held Saturday in the warm environs of the Lancaster Brewing Company in Harrisburg, hosted again by Bill Boniface ’72 and Matt Chabal ‘77.  A record crowd of twenty-eight fans showed up (twenty-five adults and three youngsters) to enjoy watching Navy battle a stronger Army team while enjoying beer, pizza, pot stickers and wings and catching up with Navy friends and classmates.

Those on hand for yet another “Almost Victory” party included George and Bev Connolly ’56, Bob and Nancy Sigrist ’64, Bill Dornsife ’66, Chuck Hoffman USMA ’66, Jim and Barb Nolan ’70, Bill and Susan Boniface ’72, Dean and Karen Glick ’72, Dave and Trish Willmann ’73, Lee and Karen Erdman ’76, Matt and Beulah Chabal ’77, Jeff and Cindi Knauer ’78, Dave and Teresa Kern ’80 and son Michael, Laurie Nelson ’90, Rory Tucker ’96, and Will Bonifant ’97 and his two sons, Billy and Aren.

Navy Victory Viewing Party in Harrisburg Area

Posted: 11/5/2018

We have Army right were we want them – overconfident!!

We had a great time at the Hamilton Club for the Air Force Viewing Party in spite of the result. Please see the Event Calendar for details of the upcoming Army Viewing Party in Harrisburg.


Founder’s Day

Posted: 10/10/2018

Today, 10 October, is Founder’s Day. Join us in celebrating the establishment of USNA

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