Welcome Aboard Shipmates!

The Susquehanna Valley Chapter of the Naval Academy Alumni Association serves Central Pennsylvania and surrounding areas. The chapter is a formal, dues-paying chapter, with elected officers and a set of by-laws, governed by the USNAAA Chapter guidelines.

Why Participate? 

While our members support the mission of the U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association, the members of the Susquehanna Valley Chapter are of the opinion that they can be more effective to the Naval Academy and the community through active social and business networking. Now positioned in various private, corporate, and government roles, we have the opportunity and ability to provide networking, referrals, and relationship-building activities for our membership to help develop or advance their careers. Whether currently actively seeking new employment opportunities, transitioning from active duty status, or completely comfortable in a current position, the Susquehanna Valley Chapter can help by providing opportunities.

How To Join

We invite all USNAAA members in the Central Pennsylvania area and surrounding geography to join the Susquehanna Valley Chapter. Full Membership is restricted to USNA Alumni, although Blue and Gold Officers, Parents Club, graduates from our sister military academies, and other organizations are welcome to join as Associate Members.

To join the Chapter, simply complete the information requested on the Membership page. You will contacted confirming your membership status and include you on announcements of upcoming events.

Calendar of Events
March 2018

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